"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock."

Matthew 7:24

An extraordinary power exists in the knowledge of the Word of God. The Lord tells a story about this power. It starts with two people who probably had a lot in common, but were totally different in the way in which they built their homes. One was wise and chose to construct a house that had a strong foundation. He took the necessary precautions that would later help him to weather storms. The other man was foolish and didn’t think of the future. He was careless in choosing the land that he built upon. Both men had to go through a time of testing, through rain, rivers, and winds. The wise man had adequately prepared to overcome any kind of adversity and that is why he was not afraid. When catastrophe struck, his home stayed standing because it was built on solid ground. The foolish man, however, built a house carelessly, without considering what might be coming. Because of this, he was surprised by the complete ruin that came upon him in a matter of seconds. Everything that he had been building was destroyed. If we hear God’s word but do nothing about it, we will be like the foolish man.

We have the same opportunity as Adam and Eve had to be obedient to the Lord. If Adam and Eve had kept the Word of God close to their hearts, they would never have succumbed to the deceitful desires from the enemy. James affirms this by saying, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says” (James 1:22).

“I was born in a home full of faith. My parents have been Christian Pastors for more than twenty years. On one occasion, we had made plans to travel out of the city of Bogotá. However, on our way back to the city, a serious accident happened and we were very nearly killed. I was on our motorbike. It was difficult to see through the darkness of the night. The motorbike failed to take a corner and skidded. It turned over again and again and smashed against a rock. This rock was actually like a protective shield to us, because there was a great cliff falling away behind it. When I finally managed to stand up, I saw the motorbike, and looked down at myself, alive and well, and then I saw the great abyss beyond the rock. In that moment, I knew that God was calling me to live for Him. I heard his voice clearly speaking to me, saying, ‘This is a divine moment. I protected you for I want you to serve Me.’ Everything changed for me that day, and I decided to devote my life to Jesus. The first day back at church, I experienced a deep brokenness, and I truly asked God to forgive me all my sins. He began blessing me, and I started training for leadership. Later, I met John, and we got married. We are now serving God together, as a couple.” (Angela Sanchez)

"For the rest of my life, I will think and act according to the Word of God."

Today's post is an excerpt from Pastor Cesar Castellanos' book, Declarations of Power for 365 Days of the Year: Volume Two.


    • Old Testament: Joshua 24; Psalms 81
    • New Testament: Mark 4:21-41; 1 Corinthians 8