Feeding Hawaii Together

Feeding Hawaii Together (Food Pantry)

In the United States, 17.4 million families are “food insecure”, which means that during any given month, they will be out of money and out of food (U.S. Department of Agriculture). In Honolulu alone, over 70,000 people are living under the federal poverty level, with almost 19,000 of them being children (Center of the Family, University of Hawaii). We decided to do something about it.

Feeding Hawaii Together is a non-profit organization, started by our church, that exists to end hunger in Hawaii. Every year, our food distribution center in downtown Honolulu provides over 3 million pounds of much needed food, as well as clothing and household goods to Hawaii’s families. If you are in need of assistance, or would like to get involved with making a difference, you can learn more about Feeding Hawaii Together below.