“Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.”

Proverbs 16:3 (TPT)

What a powerful verse! When you put your trust totally in God, you will succeed! Proverbs 16:2 shares how people are in love with their own opinions and plans. Often people go into their devotional time with God with preconceived ideas, their thoughts and agendas, their intentions and desires without even asking God for direction.

A few days ago, the Holy Spirit reminded me about 1 Samuel 30, where David and his men arrived in Ziklag and found that everything had been taken. Their enemy (the Amalekites) raided, attacked and burned the city, stole everything and kidnapped all their loved ones. Rather than take matters into his own hands, David went before the Lord. He inquired of the Lord asking, “What shall I do? Should I pursue them?” It’s awesome because God answered David, “Yes! Pursue the Amalekites, surely you will recover everything.” Sometimes people go to God with their decisions after they have already made their decision. In this situation, David encouraged himself in the Lord and he went before God and asked God for His divine direction; he didn’t tell God his plans and ask God to bless them, No, he inquired of the Lord, and the Lord gave him direction.

A quote I once heard that strongly resonates in my heart is, “God will never send anyone away empty, unless they come full of themselves.” In Psalm 127:1, the Word reminds us: “Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders’ work is useless. Unless the Lord protects a city, sentries do no good.” There are so many things we can do without God in it, and they all amount to nothing. We must make an intentional decision every day to keep our lives, and everything that concerns us before God.

This past Friday, June 5, 2020, our family participated in a miraculous celebration. The miracle of a marriage covenant between two best friends who trusted God to guide and direct their relationship. Pastor Cesar Castellanos once shared that when you keep the ministry first, when you keep God first, you will always have provision. Our family has been so blessed to see Keoki and Natty’s relationship flourish and it started with their decision to trust God completely with their relationship. Several years ago, they decided to surrender their desires to God, they heeded the counsel of their leaders and pastors and in that season, we watched them both grow in their faith tremendously. There is so much more to this beautiful relationship, and it all came to pass because of their commitment and desire to commit everything to the Lord! This wedding celebration is a testament of God’s faithfulness when we choose to commit our plans into His hands and trust Him with everything! (Rachel Wela)

“Today, I choose to commit all my ways, everything that concerns me, to the Lord. God’s life and His love strengthens me, and I will see His hand of faithfulness on every plan because I placed it in His hands”


    • Old Testament: Jeremiah 52; Song of Songs 5
    • New Testament: John 6:41-59; 1 Peter 3:13-22