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Living The Dream

Your Kingdom Come

Running Your Race

Devoted 2017

A Family Affair

We Are The Light

Chaos to Grace

Sower Seed


Blessing & Multiplying

First Things First

Change Your Story


Bishop Oriel Ballano

Send Your Rain

Pastor Cesar-Castellanos

Seven Strong

Vision Weekend

Worship Breakthrough

Father's Day

Living Beyond The Box

He Is Alive

Mother's Day

Dream Big

Dream Big

Dream Big

Effective Prayer

Called To Battle

GOD'S Dream Our Destiny

Discovering Your Destiny

Called To Battle

Dare To Reign

Guest Speaker Dr Joe Hernandaz

Guest Speaker Tina Konkin

Guest Speaker Dr Marilyn Hickey

Guest Speaker Dr. Jerry Savelle

Guest Speaker Dr. A.R. Benard

Guest Speaker Evangelist Ivan Tait

Guest Speaker Pastor Luadjair Guerra

Guest Speaker Dr. Tim Storey

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