Kidz Life Elementary is an extremely cool place where kids can build lasting relationships with their awesome friends, amazing leaders and an incredible God. At Kidz Life Elementary we provide a safe and exciting environment to assist your child in learning, growing and becoming all that God wants them to be!

What to Expect

Our services offer something for everyone.

Kids Service

Our specially trained team of volunteers brings God’s Word to life in a fun and relatable way, helping your child develop a relationship with God and their spiritual growth. We are committed to helping parents raise their child to love God, trust God and honor God.

Each month, they will learn how to exercise faith in God, develop a Christ-like character, and know how they can impact their generation for Him. Children will be encouraged to engage in the activities and games working together in teams to bring the Word of God alive. During service we lead the children through a pledge of honor and a memory verse that helps them to put God’s Word in their heart and declare the Word of God over their lives daily.

Before and After Service

Before and after service, your child will interact with other children in a wide selection of activities which includes:

Imagination Station
This area was designed to bring out the creativity in a child. It is equipped with iPad stations for drawing, coloring, and creating. And a carpet play area for building and construction.

Fun Zone
The fun zone is exactly that! It’s a place to have fun with friends in various ways. This room is equipped with a foosball table, board games, a car racetrack, arts and craft activities and more.

Kids love video games! Here they can challenge their friends or themselves in some of the popular video games whether it’s cart racing, dance off, or a dual, they will definitely have fun.

Level 46
Laser tag is another popular game with kids. Occasionally we have transformed our 4-6 Grade service room into an obstacle course for laser tag.

Kidz Life Store
At Kidz Life Elementary we have a really awesome reward system! Our store is a place where children can go to redeem their points or use their Kidz Life Cash for prizes. Every child receives a reward card to help keep track of their points.

Here are a few ways your child can receive points or Kidz Life Cash:

  • Attending our kids service (In-person or Online)
  • Bringing their Bible to service (In-person Only)
  • Bringing a notebook to service (In-person Only)
  • Participation in service (In-person Only)
  • Reciting prior week’s Memory Verse (In-person or Online)
  • Reciting prior week’s Pledge of Honor (In-person or Online)
  • Participation with Activity or Game (In-person or Online)
  • Following Rules and Making Right Choices (In-person)

Life Groups

Life Group is one of our core values of our church. We want our children to experience for themselves the importance of being in a Life Group. During our 11AM and our 6PM services, we provide Life Groups after our Kidz Life service. All children are placed in a Life Group with a trained Life Group Leader who will meet with them on a weekly basis. During the Life Group, the leader will impart the Word of God from the Kidz Life service message and help bring understanding. This helps our children grasp the lesson better and learn practical ways to apply it to their lives. The children will be given the opportunity to share what they have learned or whatever is on their heart, ask questions, or even ask for prayer. This is also another way of building strong godly relationships with the leader and the children in the Life Group.

Getting the Most Out of Kidz Life

We want your child to get the most out of their time with us at Kidz Life Elementary, so we have some rules that we ask the children to follow during our kids services:

  1. No talking when the leader is talking
  2. Raise your hand to speak
  3. Be kind to others
  4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  5. Use the toilet before service. Ask the leader first.
  6. Participate at all times
  7. Eat your candy after service; no chewing gum
  8. Leave your toys and electronics at home
  9. Make new friends!
  10. Have Fun Always!

If you plan to have your child stay with us for more than one consecutive service, please pack a snack or meal for them.