Today’s Bible Verse

I’ve learned that there is nothing perfect in this imperfect world EXCEPT your Words, for they bring such fantastic freedom into my life!

Psalms‬ 119:96‬ (TPT‬‬)

Fantastic Freedom

Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible.  It has 176 verses, and almost all of them speak of God’s Word.

Did you know God gives us the answer to walking in freedom?  It’s His Word. It’s not just reading His Word but applying it in our lives daily and personally living it out that makes a difference.  It’s the truth we know and practice that makes us free.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with the Lord about 21 years ago.  He challenged me to not walk in offense with anyone.  I made a decision that day to follow His Word and take that challenge. Guess what happened next?  Yep!  All kinds of opportunities to get offended.  With every opportunity that came, I had to make a personal choice to NOT get offended. 

Offense is a toxic breeding ground for unforgiveness and all sorts of sin.  When we take the negative words and actions of others personally, we allow those “seeds” to get planted in our hearts. As we rehearse the “offense” over and over again, our thoughts and emotions “feed” and “fuel” it, and it develops deep roots.

Why do we allow the words and actions of others to affect us so deeply?  Why do we allow offense to take root in our hearts instead of His Word that can bring such freedom?

This was one of those “defining moments” in my life that brought me to a greater understanding and experience of God’s freedom.  He told me, “Don’t take the words and actions of others personally. Take My words and My actions personally. Let My words ring loudly in your mind. Rehearse My words over and over again, and let My words, not offense or other things like it, take root in your heart.

Let’s take the challenge today to follow His Word and live in His Fantastic Freedom! (Pastor Veronica Acevedo)

Seize the Moment

Let’s seize this moment, right here, right now. It’s time to let go of offense.  It’s time to uproot the hurts, the bitterness, and unforgiveness!  It’s time to live free!  Make a decision today to NOT walk in offense.

Set Your Life

When we make a commitment to follow His Word, His grace empowers us to follow through. Let’s surrender our hearts and everything in it to Him.  We are not alone on this journey! The Holy Spirit is right here with us helping us, guiding us, and instructing us every step of the way. 

Today’s Declaration

Today, I choose to walk with You in complete freedom as I follow You and Your Word.  I make it final authority in my life.  I surrender to You.  I let go of offense, unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, and everything that has kept me from experiencing Your freedom.  I choose Your words over others. Your Word is perfection, for it brings such fantastic freedom to my life!

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: Joshua 8-9; Psalms 75
  • New Testament: Mark 1:35-45; 1 Corinthians 3