"Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him." (Genesis 6:22 NLT)

Hey Kids! Our powerful superhero this month is Noah! You probably heard of Noah and the Ark and how all the animals 2 by 2 went into the ark and how it rained 40 days and 40 nights. Well, did you know this story in the Bible is so amazing not because of the animals but because it shows us the blessings and favor we can have on our lives by just obeying God?

The Bible says that Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him. Every instruction and detail that God told Noah to do, he listened and obeyed. And he didn’t just obey, he obeyed right away. He did not question God when God told him to build a great big boat, larger than a football field, or when he told him to bring into the ark animals of every kind 2 by 2. He followed exactly what God told him to do!

Well, the Bible said that Noah pleased God because he did everything exactly as God commanded him to do. Noah loved and honored God and he wasn’t about to tell the King of kings and the all-powerful God that he knew better than Him! Yikes!! I know what you are thinking, you wouldn’t do that too! But would you do that to your parents or your teachers? Or if a police officer is telling you to wait and not cross the street would you disobey and walk across the street because you know better?

What if Noah disobeyed God or even built the ark his own way, or he didn’t obey right away. Yeah exactly, the ark would have sunk, he wouldn’t have been able to fit all the animals in the ark, or the ark would not be ready before the floods came!!! And his family and all the living creatures would not have lived!!!

God loves us so much that He wants to keep us protected and give us His blessings. So, when He tells us in the Bible to obey our parents, our leaders, or our teachers, to not lie, steal, cheat, swear, gossip, or even look at bad things on the internet or TV, it is all for our protection and for uku billion blessings to come our way. Yes, the Bible says, if you are willing and obedient you will have lots of blessings. And guess what? If you disobey you will stop the blessing to come your way and who wants that? Not me! Kids let’s make a choice and pledge today, to be the first to obey like Noah did in everything and exactly as God commanded him and let’s obey right away.

"I will obey God's Word, my parents, and my leaders right away. When I obey, a powerful shield of protection and blessings surrounds me and my family."

Genesis 6:9-21 (ERV)

This is the history of Noah’s family. He was a good man all his life, and he always followed God. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

When God looked at the earth, he saw that people had ruined it. Violence was everywhere, and it had ruined their life on earth.

So, God said to Noah, “Everyone has filled the earth with anger and violence. So, I will destroy all living things. I will remove them from the earth. Use cypress wood and build a boat for yourself. Make rooms in the boat and cover it with tar inside and out.

“This is the size I want you to make the boat: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high. Make a window for the boat about 1 cubit] below the roof. Put a door in the side of the boat. Make three floors in the boat: a top deck, a middle deck, and a lower deck.

“Understand what I am telling you. I will bring a great flood of water on the earth. I will destroy all living things that live under heaven. Everything on the earth will die. I will make a special agreement with you. You, your wife, your sons, and their wives will all go into the boat. Also, you will take two of every living thing on the earth with you into the boat. Take a male and female of every kind of animal so that they might survive with you. Two of every kind of bird, animal, and creeping thing will come to you so that you might keep them alive. Also bring every kind of food into the boat, for you and for the animals.”

Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.