"But when he saw [the effects of] the wind, he (Peter) was frightened, and he began to sink, and he cried out, 'Lord, save me!'"

Matthew 14:30 (AMP)

In Matthew 14, just before Peter’s attempt to walk on water, we see the miracles Jesus performed (healing the sick, feeding 5,000) because of His compassion for the multitudes. “And when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14).

Peter saw with his own eyes, the miracles Jesus performed, and when he saw Jesus walking on the water, and heard Jesus’ word for him to “come”, he started out with great faith! His eyes were focused on Jesus and he was determined to walk on the water with Him. Yet, in his walk toward Jesus, “distractions” arose." Peter saw that the wind and waves were raging. Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and started focusing on the wind and the waves (distractions), doubt and disbelief filled his mind and he began to sink. Jesus’ reply to Peter was, “Why did you doubt?”, another translation says, “Why did you doubt Me?”

Like the example in Matthew 14, we, just like Peter, can start off great, full of faith, full of assurance in what Jesus has spoken to us (His Word). But in our walk and pursuit of God’s purpose for our lives, the distractions arise. Those distractions come in many forms: a bad report, unexpected illness, financial setbacks, etc. Those distractions are sent to divert and distract us, ultimately derailing us from God’s purpose and plan for our lives.

Focusing on the distractions opens the door to fear, and if we don’t take authority over those distractions, we begin to sink. Sometimes when distractions arise, people think to themselves, “I need to take a break to take care of this situation”, or “I can’t do as much because of all that I’m going through.” These thoughts begin to direct our decisions and eventually gets our focus more on the distractions rather than on Jesus, our Way Maker, Miracle Worker!

When distractions arise, that is not the time to take a break! It’s time for us to be more aggressive in our pursuit of Jesus! Aggressive in our giving, aggressive in our time in the Word, and aggressive in ministering to others about Jesus! This is the time for us to magnify the Name of Jesus. We must deliberately choose to focus on Jesus! His redemptive work on the Cross of Calvary made the way for us all: total healing, restoration, provision, supernatural peace and wholeness!

At the turn of the year and decade, Pastor Art gave us a powerful prophetic word. This year will be a year of double vision. Vision of what God is doing in us and what God is doing through us. He also shared prophetically that this will be a decade of distinction, a decade of purpose. Every word that God has given us shall come to past. Along with the prophetic word shared, Pastor Art exhorted us to shut the door to fear. For us to experience the blessing of double we must shut the door to fear and persevere in the Word.

We must FOCUS on the truth of the Word: Fear Not, Overcome every argument with the Word, Cultivate an atmosphere of worship, Understand your authority, and Surrender everything to Jesus! (Rachel Wela)

"I will NOT fear because I am fixed and focused on God’s Word. I will experience the DOUBLE blessing for my life!"


    • Old Testament: Isaiah 21-23; Proverbs 22:1-16
    • New Testament: Luke 22:24-30; Hebrews 5