Get Complete Church Services In Hawaii

Word of Life Christian Center of Hawaii is a local church focused on creating an environment of loving God, loving people, and loving life. Our Senior Pastors Art and Kuna Sepulveda lead the congregation with compassion and commitment. They provide wonderfully enriching church services as well as kids church activities and children church lessons for the younger members of our community.

Word of Life Christian Center is one of the modern Christian churches in Hawaii with a focus on the New Testament teachings. We aim to encourage growth and progress for each member while exposing our youth to spiritual teachings through our church youth group lessons. We welcome individuals and families throughout Hawaii to join in our weekend worship service. Our transformative church services are filled with a passion for loving God and one another while promoting progress and spiritual growth.

A Church For All People

As one of the well known non-denominational churches, we are a church for people of all walks of life to come together in service. Our church pastor provides an open and welcoming atmosphere for people of all faiths to commune in a safe and loving environment. Our church youth activities are available for our youth through our Kidz Life Programs.

If you are looking for non-denominational churches such as Destiny Community Church, you will find that just like Destiny Christian church, we offer a wonderful spiritual experience for our members.

Contact us for more information about our church services by calling us at (808) 528-4044 today.