“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You!”

Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

Peace is the absence of turmoil in the midst of turmoil. Peace means freedom from things like annoyance, distraction, fear and anxiety. That’s the kind of peace God not only wants for us but, has for us.

We live in a time where there is great turmoil all around. Circumstances and situations have caused a great commotion and disturbance to our way of life. But how can we have peace with everything that’s going on? Is God’s peace possible? Yes! It is! It’s found in this little verse in Isaiah. It’s found at the cross of Jesus. He took the punishment for our torment, turmoil and unrest on the Cross so that we could have His perfect and complete peace.

What’s going on around us wants to cause a disturbance in us in order to take that peace from us. But we don’t have to let it! We have a choice! We can choose to surrender to the circumstances, or we can choose to surrender to God’s Word. When we surrender it all to Him and trust Him and keep our thoughts fixed on Him and His Word, HIS peace WILL guard you and keep you.

Many years ago, I came across this scripture in Isaiah 26:3. It was like it illuminated and popped off the page of my Bible. God wanted my attention. For weeks, I read it repeatedly. I confessed it; I studied it and memorized it. Little did I know, that a few months later, I would get some very disturbing news. The kind of news that’s unexpected, seemingly coming out of nowhere. The kind where you feel like you’ve been tackled by a three-hundred-pound football player and you don’t know what’s hit you. Right then and there, the Lord told me keep your eyes and your thoughts on Me. I did, and His peace flooded me. The situation was still there but so was His peace. It was a family situation that could have brought division and many sleepless nights but because I kept my thoughts fixed on Him, He kept me in His perfect peace and that allowed healing and forgiveness and restoration to flow. (Elder Veronica Acevedo)

"Today, I choose to trust You, Lord, and keep my thoughts fixed on You and You will keep me in Your perfect peace."


    • Old Testament: 2 Samuel 8-10; Psalms 110
    • New Testament: Mark 14:32-42; Galatians 1