"The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength."

Proverbs 24:5

In order to achieve a high level of motivation that never switches off, you need special inner-strength. A person who is chosen to exercise leadership, will be shaped by the Lord, regardless of their personality. Many who begin to the Christian life start out with good intentions, but the lights of this world attract and distract them from their divine purpose. This is when the Lord intervenes, breaking their lives in order to keep them from being lost.

No one wants to go through trials and difficulties, but God uses adversity to shape our character. Perhaps you wonder why you have been going through so much trouble for such a long time? The answer is very simple. God wants to form you into a precious jewel that shows the character of His Son. God wants to bring a new level of faith to your life, in which you continuously flow in His blessing. Whoever wants to become a leader must take into account five principles that will help you achieve the strength that is mentioned in Proverbs:

• All things work together for good. When you experience more adversity in life, the greater the inner-strength is developed.

• ‘NOs’ are not failures. The great leaders of human history are forged in times of crisis.

• You must take responsibility. Ability and willingness to take responsibility leads to a greater development of inner-strength in a person.

• It requires total commitment. A leader who sees plenty of fruit is one who surrenders completely to the task. It is essential to set short and long term goals. Goals are the building blocks that build purpose and define the achievements of man.

• Success must be the result of a correct and positive mental attitude. If you allow yourself to have a poor mental attitude, the result will be a very low output.

What makes a goal mediocre? Mediocre results. What is it that produces conquest and victory? An attitude of faith. Guard the mind like nothing else in the world. The Apostle Paul said that we must put on the helmet of salvation. Its sole function is to protect the head. This helmet is equivalent to, as already mentioned, a saturation of the Word of God that must dwell in us in abundance. By saturating the mind with the knowledge of the Scriptures, we are filled with a positive mental attitude, with thoughts of faith, and a sense of conquering and courage. The Word of God does not allow negativity in the slightest degree, because all that emanates from it is life, peace, faith and hope.

In the competitive business environment, it is important to be aware of the mistakes and carelessness of others, in order to be a leader of that industry. The Japanese knew that and they filled in the gaps left by American manufacturers in the electronics field. Other resourceful entrepreneurs have made fortunes by detecting needs in the market that no one else ever imagined existed. One such man, who made millions from filling the gaps overlooked by others is Sam Moore Walton. He amassed a fortune from his chain of Wal-Mart discount stores concentrated in coastal cities of the United States. J.R. Simplot, with only primary education, made his fortune by selling 350 million kilos of fries a year to fast food establishments. James Jaeger was the young inventor of a radar detector to alert police of motorists exceeding the regulate speed limit. By taking the responsibility, along with great risks, through dedication and commitment, these men became some of the World’s leading businessmen in their area of trade.

"God chose me, formed me and anointed me to reproduce myself in others."

Today's post is an excerpt from Pastor Cesar Castellanos' book, Declarations of Power for 365 Days of the Year: Volume Four.

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