Today’s Bible Verse

Encourage the believers to be passionately devoted to beautiful works of righteousness by meeting the urgent needs of others and not be unfruitful.

Titus 3:14 (TPT)

Leave a Living Legacy

Recently, the Holy Spirit taught me some great lessons using Titus 3:14, and had me notice the endings of two other versions of that same scripture:

  • GNT …they should not live useless lives.
  • MSG …so thatthey don’t end up with nothing to show for their lives.

The Holy Spirit then had me write this out in my journal:







The Holy Spirit, through this diagram, emphasized four things to me:

  1. This Vision is not from man. It came from the heart of GOD THE FATHER, carried out by JESUS, and must now be carried on by US, empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT! We must be passionately devoted to beautiful works of righteousness (discipleship), and we must meet the urgent needs of others (preaching the Gospel & winning souls), otherwise, we will become useless, fruitless, loveless, faithless and end up with nothing to show for our lives! 
  2. Remember, we can’t make disciples if we aren’t being discipled! We must be DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES, otherwise, we dethrone GOD THE FATHER and become our own GODFATHER: our kingdom come, and our will be done! Yikes!
  3. Each level of DISCIPLES MAKING DISCIPLES represents succeeding generations, from now until Jesus returns! This vision is generational, and we must unify as one generation (i.e., GenOne), otherwise, we could be found guilty of raising up generations after us who do not know God and do not know the works He has done (Judges 2:10)!
  4. Then the Holy Spirit said: Leave a Living Legacy! My husband and I had recently reflected on how our family has grown and the years have progressed, and we briefly talked about the inheritance we could leave our descendants. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children…  (Prov 13:22). The Holy Spirit showed me that the greatest inheritance or legacy we could leave will go beyond natural things like finances, properties, or a good family name. Beyond those things, we must leave a Living Legacy that lasts forever. This involves generational faith that will Change the Story of men, women, youth, and children who inherit the Kingdom of God and celebrate with us eternally because we were obedient to this Heavenly Vision! 

At every level, in every generation – the Young, the Younger, and the Younger Stillwe must wake up, rise up, and answer the call to be United to Make a Difference, NOW!    (Lani Simmons)

Change My Story

Take time to focus and listen to the Holy Spirit today. He wants to help us become devoted Story Changers: to be faithful, useful, and fruitful…to leave a Living Legacy! I read somewhere that our eternal perspectives will affect our earthly priorities. The Holy Spirit may need to help you change some of your perspectives, priorities, and practices; LET HIM! Write those changes down, talk it over with Him, and share them with your leader.

Today’s Declaration

Thank You, Father, for planting me at a church where we are unified to make a difference – the young, the younger, and the younger still. Together, we are passionately devoted to beautiful works of righteousness and meeting the urgent needs of others! My life is useful, fruitful, faithful, thankful, and joyful! And I do leave a Living Legacy!

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: 1 Kings 13-14; Psalms 119:65-72
  • New Testament: Luke 3:1-20; Ephesians 4:25-32