A Devotional by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Today’s Bible Verse

“Then he prayed, ‘O LORD, God of my master Abraham, give me success today, and show kindness to my master Abraham.’”

Genesis 24:12

Love is a Dream Come True

One of the most important tasks that Abraham ordered his eldest servant, Eliezer, to do was to go to the house of his parents to find a wife for his son Isaac. In addition to this, Abraham made him swear that he would not let Isaac marry a foreign woman. Eliezer was very careful in fulfilling what his master Abraham had entrusted him to do. He set out determined not to return empty handed, and carried many gifts that he had selected and prepared for the young woman who God had chosen.

Once he was there, he prayed for God to give him favor. He also asked for some signs in order to know who the correct person was. The signs were fulfilled by Rebecca. Just as Eliezer had determined, he came back home with the maiden to be introduced to Isaac, who loved her from the very first moment that he saw her.

The interesting thing about this story is that Eliezer is a prototype of the Holy Spirit, who is the One in charge of choosing the right person for each individual. Surely, He will never look in the wrong place. Rather, He will search for God-fearing people who comply with strong Christian values. The person will be among those who have been supernaturally kept in purity until the appointed time comes.

When you allow the Lord to choose your spouse for you, purity of love will remain. However, when we choose without Him, we are exposing ourselves to relationships that don’t last. We can learn from the way in which Isaac and Rebecca got together.

• They were guided by God.

• The Holy Spirit arranged their first encounter.

• They knew how to wait on God.

• They surrendered their own personal interests.

• They prospered because they decided to serve God together.

Something to Think About

My wife, Claudia and I always thought that our encounter was similar to Isaac and Rebecca’s, because it was all planned by God. I will share a letter with you that I sent to Claudia some months ago. It describes our first encounter as well as our marriage throughout all these years.

Captivating Eyes

With one glance from your eyes… you have stolen my heart” (Song of Solomon 4:9).

My sweetheart, I give thanks to God for your life. While remembering how I met you, I could see that our first encounter set the tone that marked our destiny.

From the moment I saw you, my thought was, “Where did this beautiful woman come from?” It was a mixture of fascinating feelings.

The expression of your eyes distinguished you from every other women.

Your long and beautiful eyelashes were so carefully decorated, enhancing the precious jewels, your big and perfect eyes.

Gazing at them was like discovering a new world and it made me feel like a conqueror who wanted to explore the depths of wealth I knew were in you.

The reflection of your eyes were like the purest springs, the most beautiful vegetation, the most amazing panoramas that no man has ever seen, and no hand has ever touched.

A great desire to win you over rose up within me and I knew that I would have to do it swiftly, before any other man could.

I believe that even the conquerors who discovered our continent did not find as much wealth as I have found in you.

Neither the mountains, nor the oceans nor the rivers can be compared to you.

You are much more valuable than all of this.

Rivers dry up, oceans will be contaminated and mountains will change, but all that is in you will last forever.

When I asked my Heavenly Father, “Lord, what do You think about her?” He answered, “Because she was precious to Me, she was honorable, and I loved her” (Isaiah 43:4).

Now you can imagine how I feel today when I know that the Lord’s most precious jewel was preserved for me.

There are jewels in this world that are priceless, but you exceed the most valued jewel.

There is nothing that I can do to give that love back to you; even if I put the most valued treasures at your feet, they would be of no value compared to your love.

My love, I believe that all these things were planned by God.

From the first moment I saw you, my heart shuddered, I felt attracted to your beauty, captivated by your sweetness, and inspired by your smile.

You made a dreamer out of me, since my great goal was for God to give me grace to conquer your heart.

I give thanks to Him because you felt the same about me.

My sweetheart, I want you to know that I loved you the first day that I saw you, and I have loved you throughout the years I have been with you, and I will love you for the rest of my life and also in eternity.

–Pastor Cesar Castellanos


“Lord of all, thank You for taking the time to mold and prepare the person You have for me. Today I know that marriage is a miracle. I have learned the blessing of love, because You loved me first. Now, I can give love to others. I know that You were thinking of the next generations when You designed us to be married. Until You bring that special person into my life, I am determined to completely trust in You. I love You so much! Amen.”


“Love, the most powerful force in the Universe, is within me.”

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: Jeremiah 3-4; Ecclesiastes 2:1-16
  • New Testament: John 1:19-28; James 1:12-18