"And his heart was moved with compassion, and he released him and forgave him, cancelling the debt."

Matthew 18:27 (AMPC)

Pastor Art shared that we will come out of this season in one of three ways…mastering, maintaining, or missing out on opportunities. I believe the Holy Spirit has been speaking to believers in this season about areas of our lives that He wants to heal. Unhealed wounds in our souls steal our hope, joy, and strength. The condition of our hearts determines whether we can hear His direction that leads to prosperity and see beyond our circumstances to His promises (Mat 13:15).

When our hearts are not healed, it impacts every area of our lives. Sometimes it feels easier to avoid, push down, or try to ignore the offenses that we have allowed to build up. And before we know it, we are struggling to surrender to God’s will and be obedient to His Word. An unhealed heart causes a believer to live on their own terms, opening the door to pride and eventually stealing their faith, drawing them away from God.

Mercy is compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone when it is in your power to punish or harm them. The man in this verse had been taken advantage of, and yet chose to extend mercy. He could have felt justified in his frustration, anger, and resentment, but instead, he allowed the Holy Spirit to fill him with compassion. The compassion of God softened his heart and moved him to forgive.

Who do you blame for not achieving your dreams? Who do you hold responsible for the setbacks you have experienced? Who are you disappointed in for not living up to your expectations? Who has hurt, abandoned, or betrayed you? Open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with the love of God. He is your Healer. Choose compassion. Choose forgiveness. Choose to release them and cancel the pain that you have held on to. Take this opportunity to master mercy.

My brother and I have always been close. When I accepted Jesus into my heart, he was on my very first Prayer of 3. He lived on the mainland, and each time I would try to talk to him about Jesus, he refused to listen. As time went on, he got married and had children. Our whole family got close with his wife’s family, and I would visit him almost every other month. I could tell that things were not well, and one day he called and said he was getting a divorced. He had met someone else. I blamed this new person for breaking up his family. He remarried and our family was not included in the wedding. He then moved further away, which meant I was not going to be able to visit him regularly. I became judgmental and critical of his decisions. I was upset and angry at my brother, and it caused a huge strain on our relationship.

I had to go to God. I had to allow Him to heal my heart. In my devotional time, I asked God to take out my stony heart and give me a new heart for brother and my new sister-in-law. God, in His mercy for me, poured out His compassion and filled my heart. I chose to forgive. I chose to let go of the past and my disappointment. Supernaturally, I was able to love them with God’s love. Because I changed, everything changed. My sister-in-law accepted Jesus into her heart, and my brother followed. They now are fully planted and serving in their church. (Calvena Sautia)

"Lord, I ask You to heal my heart and fill me with Your compassion. I choose to forgive and release those that have hurt and offended me. Thank You Lord for extending Your mercy to me. I choose to master mercy in this season. Thank you for using me to bring healing, restoration, and salvation to my family."


    • Old Testament: Jeremiah 49; Song of Songs 3
    • New Testament: John 6:1-15; 1 Peter 2:18-25