Mother’s Care

Mother’s Care is a room specially designed to meet the needs of mom’s caring for their child (Infant – 3 ½ years old). Our Mother’s Care Room provides a private and quiet environment where moms are able to breastfeed in privacy, tend to their child’s needs and watch the service live on a TV monitor.

Mother’s Care Room Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. Thank you for helping us to create an experience that will allow mothers to care for their child as well as receive encouragement and strength from our main service.

The use of this room is for women ONLY caring for their child ages Infant – 3 ½ years old.

We ask that your child’s voice be kept at a soft level. Please watch your child and keep them close to you at all times, being mindful of their safety and security.

No food and drinks will be permitted. You may provide snacks for your child; however, we ask that you clean up after your child. A water dispenser is provided for your use.

We ask that you wait for service to finish before fellowshipping with the other moms in the room.

Please do not place personal items on seats, so that we may provide seating for others.

We have a designated area for strollers. Please see a Kidz Life volunteer for assistance in checking your stroller in our “Stroller Valet.” Strollers will not be allowed in the seating area.

Our desire is to always provide a place where your child is safe and healthy. So, if you or your child are not feeling well, or are showing any symptoms listed in our Health & Safety Guidelines Wellness Policy, we ask that you not enter our Mother’s Care room.

Mother’s Care