"You will be called by a new name that the Lord Himself will give you." (Isaiah 62:2b NET)

"A name that will last forever. It will never be forgotten." (Isaiah 56:5b (ICB)

Hey Kids! Did you know that God changed the names of many heroes in the Bible? Yes, that’s right! He changed Abram to Abraham; He changed Sarai to Sarah; and He changed Simon to Peter. I’m sure you know a lot more. Let’s see how many more you can find in the Bible!

I know you are wondering...why would God change someone’s name? Great question! Was it because Abraham sounded more cool than Abram? Or Sarah looked like a better way to spell Sarai? Or because Jesus’ favorite name was Peter? Well, the reason they were given a new name was because God was giving them a new promise, a great promise, a supersize, a gigantic, a mind-blowing promise!!!

And with this new promise each Hero was going to do something so AMAZING for God!!! It was soooooooo AMAAAAAAZING, beyond their imagination, beyond what they could think or believe would ever happen to them! So, God had to change these hero’s nature, their attitude, their heart, the way they think, act, talk, everything about them. He had to transform them! Kind of like the Transformers, but from the inside out that only the power of God can do!!!

God gave a new name and a new nature to these heroes to help them to believe God for the promises he gave them. When we can’t believe God or see ourselves doing what he has planned for us to do he changes our entire nature and name.

Abram which means “Exalted Father” was now called Abraham which means “Father of Multitudes”. God promised Abraham that he would be a father of multitudes and make nations of him and kings will come from him! Remember, Abraham was 100 years old and his wife could not have children!! God was helping Abraham to see or visualize and picture himself as a father of multitudes and not see himself with no children.

Sarai which means “my princess” was now called Sarah which means “Princess of multitudes." God promised Sarah that she would be a princess of nations and kings will come from her children even though she could not have children. Her new name gave her confidence in God to see herself not only as a “Princess of ONE” but a “Princess of MULTITUDES."

And Peter’s name was changed from Simon which means “he has heard or to listen” to Peter which means “Rock." God changed his name and nature to be firm & strong like a rock, who boldly led thousands of people to Jesus! Do you see now why God changed their name and nature?

Every time someone said their new name, they were saying what God was saying they would be and do. They were speaking what was going to happen instead of their situation.

So, you see how Names are important! What anyone calls you and what you call others are important to God. It will change the way you think or believe about yourself and what others will think or believe about themselves.

God gave you a new nature with a new name. If someone called you stupid, or ugly, or you can’t do anything right, or what’s wrong with you, or any negative words they are wrong. You must forgive them and remember only what God says about you is correct.

Today, start speaking your new name and nature...I am bold, I am courageous, I am a beautiful masterpiece, I am God’s hero, I am God’s precious child of God, I am wonderfully designed by God, I am strong in God, I am brilliant because I have the mind of God, I am hand-picked by God and will do great things for God, I am loving, I am kind, I forgive others, I speak only good things, I am so Amazing!!

When you speak the truth of what God says about you, the power of God comes into your life and you give up what ever you thought about yourself and whoever you were and you receive the new nature God has given you.

Don’t forget to do these things we learned to keep your faith in God strong and to receive all that God promised.

1. Receive God’s Promise for you

2. Visualize (See through the eyes of faith)

3. Speak God’s Promise

4. Don’t Give Up!!

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Keep up the good work in doing your devotions. We are proud of you!!

"I receive a new name and a new nature as a child of God. I am changed by the power of the Cross."

Genesis 17:1-8 (ERV)

When Abram was 99 years old, the LORD appeared to him. He said, “I am God All-Powerful. Obey me and live the right way. If you do this, I will prepare an agreement between us. I will promise to make your people a great nation.”

Then Abram bowed down before God. God said to him, “This is my part of our agreement: I will make you the father of many nations. I will change your name from Abram to Abraham, because I am making you the father of many nations. I will give you many descendants. New nations and kings will come from you. And I will prepare an agreement between me and you. This agreement will also be for all your descendants. It will continue forever. I will be your God and the God of all your descendants. And I will give this land to you and to all your descendants. I will give you the land you are traveling through—the land of Canaan. I will give you this land forever, and I will be your God.”

Genesis 17:15-16 (The Voice)
As for Sarai, your wife, the covenant applies to her as well. No longer will she be known as Sarai; her new name will be Sarah. She will receive My special blessing, and she will conceive a son by you. With My blessing on her, she will become the founding princess of nations to come. Kings of many peoples will be counted among her children.

John 1:42 (TLB)
And he brought Peter to meet Jesus. Jesus looked intently at Peter for a moment and then said, “You are Simon, John’s son—but you shall be called Peter, the rock!”

Matthew 16:18-19 (NLT)
Now I say to you that you are Peter (which means ‘rock’), and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.”