A Devotional by Pastor Cesar Castellanos

Today’s Bible Verse

Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

Matthew 5:48

Perfection: A Golden Goal

The Lord never places something unreachable by a human being, in front of them. However, we recognize that the goal He sets for us is very high. It is set so high, in that God does not expect us to just randomly hit the target; He expects total perfection. This implies a tremendous challenge for us. Certainly, from a human point of view, it is not possible for any person to achieve perfection. However, from the eternal and perfect perspective of God, we can do it, because we have the valuable and on going support of the Holy Spirit working inside of us.

On this subject, Dr. Derek Prince said, “Take the example of the word ‘round.’ A thing is round, or it is not. If it is round, then it is a circle. There is only one kind of circle; although it can be different sizes. God the Father is the great circle that encloses the whole. Jesus does not expect us to be the same size as God, but He expects us to have His character.

You and I may be small circles in the area that God has placed us with seemingly trivial duties. On the other hand, we may required to give more physical effort, whether a housewife, or a driver, or a construction worker. Regardless of the responsibility or talent you have, in these activities this is where God wants us to be a perfect circle, perfectly round just as the great circle, “God the Father,” that encloses the entire Universe.

Undoubtedly, the Lord wants to develop His character in our lives. However, we have to understand that to reach full maturity in Jesus Christ requires faith, commitment, dedication, effort and self-denial, time and time again. It is a process through which we learn to deny ourselves along the way.

Something to Think About

At one point in the race of the 100m hurdles in the Olympics in 1980, there came the last 8 competitors. One of the competitors knocked the first hurdle over, then the second and third hurdle. His despair was so great that he could not completely jump the fourth hurdle. He stumbled, and seriously fell. From the ground he saw the others run away, but he stood up and continued the race. As he did so, he realized that his knee was bleeding and that his leg was not strong enough because of the fall. Still, he continued. Stumbling again, he fell. At that point, the other competitors had reached the finish race. Those who were on the side-lines of the track told him to leave the track because he was bleeding and he was not going to win the race anyway. But this athlete ignored them. He got up and moved on. His goal was to reach the finish line; and he would make it no matter what. People in the stands were shocked to see the persistence of the man. Finally, he reached the end of the track. The whole Olympic stadium stood up and burst into an ovation for the man who had proved most important in a race. Persevere to the end, regardless of obstacles!


Dear Lord, thank You for putting the goal of perfection in me. I know that with your help I can be excellent in everything I do. Help me be a better person every day. I want to represent You with dignity on this earth. Teach me to improve on those things that I find the hardest. Please give me the grace to do everything with excellence, in the name of Jesus, Amen.


By the grace of God I am enthusiastic and my goal is excellence.

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: Daniel 5-6; Job 20
  • New Testament: John 13:1-11; 3 John 1:1-14