Today’s Bible Verse

He [Abraham] staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.

Promise of More

God is the one who promises more.  When He makes a promise, it can cause the natural mind to stagger [stumble, waver, bewilder, astound].  God’s promises are so big that they can cause you to stagger.  Because they are bigger, way bigger than where you are, currently.

God gave Abram a dream that caused his mind to stagger, a promise that awakened excitement into faith.  Abraham had faith in that promise at 75 years old, yet he staggered at various moments for the next 25 years regarding the promise. He didn’t just arrive at perfect faith, yet his faith was perfected when he was 100 years old:

His trust did not waver when he considered his own body—which was as good as dead, since he was about a hundred years old—or when he considered that Sarah’s womb was dead too. He did not by lack of trust decide against God’s promises. On the contrary, by trust he was given power as he gave glory to God, for he was fully convinced that what God had promised he could also accomplish. (‭‭Romans ‭4:19-21‬ ‭CJB‬‬)

Abram and Abraham are the same, but different, people.  Abram was given a promise that awakened his faith, but Abraham is Abram’s faith awakened.  Abraham is the staggered not version of Abram—the mature, faithful, definitive visionary we all want to be. (Jonathan Vasquez)

Change My Story

If you can doubt, guess what? you can trust.  Doubt is mismanaged focus, focusing on the wavering facts and ever-changing wisdom of man.  Trust is a single-minded focus on the infallible promises of God.  God’s promises are constantly, consistently true and full of power.  God wouldn’t promise something He was incapable of performing.  He wouldn’t promise something you were incapable of believing.  

He needs your faith.

We can transition from staggering to steadfastness when we engage our faith and trust God.  God wants to take us places we’ve dreamt. He really wants to do infinitely above and beyond our wildest dreams and imagination.

Today’s Declaration

Today, I chose to live by faith and not by facts or feelings.  I trust in Your promises, for they are yes and amen.  Like the father of faith, I consider not [fill in the blank, e.g. the doctor’s reports], and instead, I am fully persuaded that what You promised, You are able to perform.  

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 40-41; Proverbs 25:15-28
  • New Testament: Luke 23:13-25; Hebrews 9:1-10