“Now that you have welcomed the Anointed One, Jesus the Lord, into your lives, continue to journey with Him and allow Him to shape your lives. Let your roots grow down deeply in Him, and let Him build you up on a firm foundation. Be strong in the faith, just as you were taught, and always spill over with thankfulness.”

Colossians 2:6-7 (Voice)

The Apostle Paul is encouraging the Colossian church to be ROOTED in the faith of Jesus Christ. The word “rooted” means, "to be unwavering, fixed, or firmly established." When someone is rooted in God, they build such a conviction that nothing can pull them away from what God’s Word says. No circumstance, no trial, tribulation, or temptations can ever pull them away from the truth of God’s Word.

In order to build this unwavering faith that Paul talks about, we need to have a spirit and an attitude that is committed and devoted to the TRUTH of God’s Word. We do that by spending time reading and meditating on God’s Word daily. The word “meditate” means to think deeply, to ponder, it also means to imagine or dream. The more we meditate on what God’s Word says, the more that Word becomes real in our lives. And when the Word becomes real, you will not allow the circumstances of life, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life pull you away from what TRUTH of God’s Word says.

As believers, when we are rooted in the Word of God, we begin to grow as men and women of God, and we can experience all the promises that He has for our lives. We can experience the promise of peace, healing, provision, joy, hope, and the list goes on. Make a decision today as disciples of Christ, to be rooted in Him.

Every senior in high school looks forward to the special day when they graduate, when family and friends celebrate them by showering them with leis, flowers and balloons. But due to COVID-19, they will not experience graduation like every other senior in high school. This news had many seniors discouraged, disappointed, and even uncertain with their future after high school.

One of my leaders has a disciple that is finishing up his senior year, and although he had this unfortunate news shared with him as well, he did not allow discouragement, disappointment, and uncertainty enter into his life. Rather, his faith remained strong knowing that God has a great plan and future for his life. His life is filled with peace and joy even though bad news was shared with him. His faith was strong because he was consistent in his daily devotions (reading and meditating on God’s Word), he was faithful in attending a Life group, he attended church service weekly, and he just completed this past cycle of Life Class. We all can build faith that is rooted in God when we devote and commit ourselves to His Word. (Walter Arguelles)

"My mind and my heart are rooted, fixed, and firmly established in God’s Word, in Jesus Name!"


    • Old Testament: Isaiah 34-36; Proverbs 24:23-34
    • New Testament: Luke 22:63-71; Hebrews 8:1-6