A Kidz Life Devotional

This Week’s Memory Verse

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

John 10:11 (NIV)

The People’s Hero

Hey Kids!

Did you ever want to help someone, but you didn’t think you had anything to give? Or maybe you think and say, I’m just a kid, what can I do?” Or you think that someone else should be chosen?  

Remember, Moses felt the same way! God had a vision of Moses helping His people from the mean King Pharoah. He heard their cry for help and chose Moses to help them. Even though Moses didn’t think he could do it, he said, “Yes Lord!” and God did amazing miracles through Moses to save His people. 

Did you know that you too can be used by God to do great miracles? Yeah, all you have to do is say, “Yes, Lord!” and give your best to Jesus. When you do, God will take what you have and turn it into a miracle for someone else.  

Yeah, like the boy in the Bible who had five loaves of bread and two fish that fed 5,000 people!  He gave all he had to Jesus which was probably his family’s dinner.  And Jesus turned what he had into enough food to feed 5,000 people as much as they wanted.  And guess what?  After they had enough to eat, they filled twelve baskets full of food.  I imagine that Jesus gave the twelve baskets to the boy to take home to his family!  

One day a young boy was walking down the street and suddenly some robbers attacked him. They tore his clothes and beat him up to the point he was almost dead. Then, they left him there bleeding, broken, bruised, and wounded!! He was so hurt that he could not get up to get help. 

A pastor just so happens to walk by and see the beat-up boy. Surely he would help this boy, but he walked around him rushing to get to a meeting at his church. 

Next, a church leader was walking on the same street where the beaten boy lay. Maybe the pastor sent him to give him the help he needed. He went over to look at him but also walked around him and rushed off to the church. Will anyone help this hurting boy?  

Along comes a young boy riding his bike pulling a large cart behind him with all his football equipment. He was on his way to his football practice. He came to where the hurt boy lay and realized this is the boy who bullies him at school. He saw how hurt he was and had compassion for him. He got off his bike and gave him water, cleaned his wounds, and placed all the bandages he had on his cuts. He took out all his football equipment from his cart and left it on the side of the street. Then, asking God for help he somehow with all his strength placed the boy in his cart. He took the boy to the church nearby and found a kind-hearted janitor who gave him the care he needed.  

God heard the cry of the wounded boy, and he sent three people to help him. But out of the three people, only one of them obeyed God and only one of them gave what they had. This young boy laid aside his football equipment to help this boy. He didn’t have much, but he gave what he had. He obeyed God and he was the hands and feet of God to bring healing and salvation to the hurt boy.  

This boy did not only receive healing in his body. He received healing in his heart. The two boys became best of friends. And the boy that once was a bully gave his life to Jesus and never bullied anyone again. There is always a miracle on the other side of your “Yes!” and your obedience to God.


Father in the Name of Jesus I come to You. Give me Your compassion for people that are lost, hurting, and with no hope. I want to be used by You to help others know You.  I believe that Your Blood has set me free from any fear that will hold me back. I will trust You with all my heart that You will show Your great power and miracles through me, as I obey You. Amen. 

This Week’s Pledge of Honor

I love God and I love people.  I will obey God and help many people know Jesus.

This Week’s Bible Reading

1 John 3:17 (ICB)

Suppose a believer is rich enough to have all that he needs. He sees his brother in Christ who is poor and does not have what he needs. What if the believer does not help the poor brother? Then the believer does not have God’s love in his heart.