Today’s Bible Reading

For the reality of the truth of Christ is seen among you and strengthened through your experience of him.

1 Corinthians 1:6 (TPT)


There is maturity we come to, completeness, a full assurance we grow into that isn’t passive.  This growth hinges on the faith we actually experience, the faith we trigger by requiring added skills or knowledge—essentially, change.

Thankfully, the G12 Vision at Word of Life has made me acutely aware of my triggers and likewise conscious of my need for faith.   

Have you ever been asked to lead prayer?  Share a word?  Give a testimony?  Serve in a new capacity?  Start a new Life Group?  Minister to a family?  Lead an outreach?

I’ve done these things.  And the first few times I was asked to do them, I didn’t want to.  Sometimes, hit or miss, I still don’t want to.  But, saying yes when I don’t feel like yes turns those triggered moments into growth opportunities with Jesus.

Not surprisingly, I reach for Jesus in the moments of blundering and uncertainty.  I desperately cling to Him where there is no predictability or control.  Essentially, the reality of Christ is strengthened in me by my need for Him.  Because realistically, I won’t reach for what I don’t need, and if I can do something without the Holy Spirit, I often will.    

Like most people, I prefer to do what I already do well.  I prefer skipping the awkwardness and insecurity.  I prefer predictability and control.  But, pandering to these preferences is a surefire way to never grow.  But, I want to grow.  Solution?  Keep my faith triggered all. the. time. (Lacey Vasquez)

Change My Story

You may be where I’ve been many times, where so much on the inside wants to push back against different or more.  Yet, eventually, we will realize that the whole of growth and discipline is doing the things we don’t want to do until it becomes so easy to do, that our feelings don’t need to participate for us to be effective.     

Let’s pause and ponder for a moment: How willing are we to part with our preferences?  Do we frequently give in to the pushback against change?  Do we genuinely want to grow in our faith?  Write your thoughts and share them with your leader.    

Today’s Declaration

I am more than my feelings and preferences.  My desire to grow far surpasses my preference for comfort and control.  I acknowledge my need for Jesus.  Though my humanity is weak, my spirit is strong.  I accept the responsibility of consistent growth, in Jesus’ name.   

Today’s Bible Reading

  • Old Testament: Isaiah 37-39; Proverbs 25:1-14
  • New Testament: Luke 23:1-12; Hebrews 8:7-13